August 08 - Newsletter
Meeting Minutes Booster Club Meeting : August 7, 2008


  President Kent Rettig
  Vice President Tracy Schmidt
  Vice President Dawn Beck
  Treasurer Laurie Wendland  : 397-0641
  Secretary Therese Stom : 780-4826


Girls Rep Dawn Beck
  Level 4 T/Th  
  Level 4 M/W  
  Level 4 Stars  
  Level 5  
  Level 6  
  Level 7  
  Levels 8-10  
Boys Rep Tracy Schmidt
Food Buyer  
Clothes Buyer  
Yearbook Coordinator  
Booster Club Website Representative  
Outside Fundraising Coordinator  

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Meeting Minutes Booster Club Meeting

Car Wash: 

The car wash was a great success!!  We changed locations this year.  Walgreens located at 151st and Blackbob was generous in letting us use their parking lot and water to hold this fundraiser.  We raised xxx.xx this year.

Possible Outside Fundraising Additions:

The Springhill organization which has allowed us to work our outside fundraising such as Tbones, Royals and Chiefs may be expanding to provide us the opportunity to work at Sandstone. 

Pumpkin Patch:  We will again have the opportunity to work at the pumpkin patch this year to raise money for individual accounts.  Signups for working the Pumpkin Patch this fall have been posted.  See the binder on the front desk.  Normal individual account/general account percentages will apply to funds raised at the pumpkin patch.  Adults only can sign up.  Sign up for as many shifts as you want.  2-3 tractor drivers are needed on weekends, so please note on sign-up sheet if you can drive a tractor.  If you sign up and can’t work, you MUST find a replacement, otherwise our group will get docked if you do not show up. 

 Other Fundraisers:

Little Caesar’s Pizza sales will begin November 1st.  The delivery date for the pizzas is Thursday, December 11th.

Fall Flower Sales:  The booster club will again be selling mums for the fall flower fundraiser.  Delivery date will be September 18th.  Be on the lookout for further information.

Macy’s Shop for the Cause:  Tickets sell for $5.00, which is 100% profit.  It was voted at the last meeting that for those that sell tickets, $4.00 of the ticket price will go to the individual’s account and $1.00 will go to the general fund.   Be on the lookout for further information.

Competitive Athlete Cook Book:  Discussion took place of possibly putting together a competitive athlete cook book which would include nutritional recipes to possibly sell around Christmas time.

Trash bags:  Selling trash bags as a fundraiser will take place around January or February.

New Parents’ Orientation Meetings:

New parents’ orientation meetings will be held in September.  One of these meetings will be held in conjunction with the September booster club meeting. Be on the lookout for further information. 

Buyout Calculation Determination:

The Booster Club officers are in the process of gathering information to determine buyout amounts. 

Email Correspondence:

Please email Kent Rettig at if you wish to receive booster club information by email if you are not already on the email list.

 Agenda Items for Next Meeting:

Agenda items for next meeting can be emailed to Kent at

 Next Booster Club Meeting:

The next booster club meeting will be held on Thursday, September 11th at 6:30 in the party room.

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